13 Hours in Las Vegas

12:48am - So, my day trip to Vegas is winding to a close. I'm sitting at my gate waiting to board my flight back to NYC. The day was fun. Lots of gambling and in the end I was still in the minus, but managed to work back down to double digits. The Mirage buffet was amazing and The Bellagio's fountain show was cool. Now I just want to fall asleep on the plane and wake up in the city that never sleeps. See you back in New York City.

7:48pm - Well, the good news is I broke my video poker addiction. The bad news is I found roulette and now I'm down triple digits. I think it's time to hit a buffet.

4:00pm - So, I forgot I have a gambling problem. So far I am down double digits with 8 hours of playing time left. I hope things change for the better.

2:25am - I've arrived. The flight was a bit long, but the free on board TV kept me occupied. I already completed the business part of the trip, so now I have the day in Vegas before my red-eye flight back to NYC. It's a beautiful day here, and everything is so clean compared to New York (shocking). Time to go make millions.

6:16am - I'm flying JetBlue, and so far the experience hasn't been too bad. With all the craziness and apologies from them lately, I was kinda worried. The only problem so far was that the check-in kiosks were all down, so there was a very long check-in line, but it moved quickly. Security was a breeze and now I'm just waiting to board. See you in Vegas!

5:07am - It's 5am and I'm on my way to JFK. This is way too early to be awake ever. So begins my day trip to Las Vegas.

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