Watch New Yorkers Kick Each Others Ass

Today's cover of AM New York read, "Web of Violence" and featured an article about all of the fight videos that are appearing on YouTube, creating "cyber bullies". Parents think, like they do with violent movies and shows, that if their kids see the videos they are gonna run out and do it themselves. Yea, they probably will. I don't know how parents are going to try to combat this, but online criminal videos have actually helped in some other ways. Some YouTube videos have actually helped police find criminals. They are dumb enough to film themselves committing crimes and then upload themselves to YouTube. Idiots.

This fight comes straight from my home turf, Brooklyn:

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  1. I'm not sure idiot is a strong enough word for these jackasses, but watching their "work" is oddly compelling .. I'm pretty sure YouTube was invented just so I can waste tons of time at my job