Morning L Train Commutes are Horrible

My morning commute in New York City just keeps getting worse and worse. This morning, I had to let 4 L trains pass by before I could even think about squeezing into my normal 1/2 foot space seconds before I had to "stand clear of the closing doors please". Then, while I was comfortably leaning against an over-sized book-bag and a dirty bike wheel, the train sat at Union Square for 7 straight minutes without moving. Finally, we moved again and I got to my transfer destination, 6th Ave, and I headed to the 1 train. I wait another 7 minutes till the 1 finally comes, and I easily fit on, only to have the conductor announce that the train will not be making local stops. What!? But the 1 is a local train, that's what it does, it makes local stops. So, I have to get off and wait for the next 1 train that does make local stops. I eventually arrive at Christopher Street and make my way to work. Only a 45 minute commute to go about 3 miles. Not too shaby.

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