Dentists Smile like Crazies

Clever idea here from Colgate involving kids and dentists. Click image to enlarge and read the strategy. I don't know about you, but I would be scared shitless if I were some little kid who already hated the dentist, then have him looking like some crazed lunatic with that idiotic smile on his face while he jammed blades into my mouth.


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  1. yeah, i like to consider myself a little bit of an expert with the chairside assisting... and i know most little kids would start crying with these things. they arent that funny. cool sunglasses, stickers and flavored stuff is much more effective. also, cool treasure chests at the checkout... kids couldnt care less about the mask the evil scary guy with sharp objects has. but i guess its a good try... unfortunately, getting most people even a little pumped up and talking about dentistry is a task. so... i'm happy we at least got things rollin'...let's talk teeth :)