Check Out Chelsea Piers

Today, I took advantage of the holiday from work, along with a few friends, and headed to Chelsea Piers. We had never been there before, but were in the mood for a good game of bowling to pass the rainy New York City day. The place was pretty busy (2 hour wait for a lane), but there were plenty other activities to pass the time. We headed to the batting cages which were quite over-priced ($2.50 per 10 swings), but it was a lot of fun. We also grabbed some food at the ice skating rink. Finally, our long wait for a bowling lane was over and we laced up our bowling shoes and were off. The bowling alley was great. Very clean and new, dark with glowing lights. Very nice. Prices at bowling were also a bit steep ($5.00 shoe rental and $8.75 per game). I would definitely suggest the Chelsea Piers for a fun way to spend a day with friends or family.

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