You Can Be Reflective, or Shitty

I've been seeing these ads on phone kiosks all over the city for the past month or so, but I finally captured an image of one. The headline reads, "You can be here, or in Los Cabos. Only in Mexico." The idea is great; put the viewer's surroundings (dirty city scenes) in the ad by using a mirror and then compare it to the beautiful scene you could be instead. The execution, however, is less than award winning. The crappy material they use for the mirror doesn't reflect well at all and just makes a blurry image with no recognizable objects, ruining the whole ad and making the headline simply confusing. (It's not just the camera flash that makes it blurry, the flash actually helped it some.) Next time you try something like this, maybe you should put one in the phone kiosk to test it before producing thousands of them. Nice try though.

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