Gallery Openings are the New Pink

After my amazing experience with my first New York City gallery opening, I was pumped to check out another opening where a friends acquaintance was spinning the tunes. Upon walking in, my friend trampled right over the giant maze that was on the floor (see the video).

We quickly found the bar, and paid $4 per beer. Not a bad price, until we realized that this was a 'suggested' price and the spirits were actually free. We got back at them though, I was double fisting at one point.

The rest of the art was cool. The main exhibit was a collection of vinyl album covers of Latin music and was very cool to see such a large collection of cover art, side by side. The rest of the art was also cool. It ranged from a video of somebody standing on a tree stump to battleship scenes made of playdough. Yes, these ga
llery openings are definitely becoming a staple in my NYC life, yes indeed.

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