We Are...Penn State New Yorkers

I had heard stories. I knew the alumni presence was huge. Penn Staters overtake a bar in New York City for each PSU football game? Could it be true? Oh was it ever.

Penn State opened their football season yesterday against Akron, so a few fellow alumni and I headed over to Tonic East. The very second I walked in, I felt like I was back in Happy Valley. The crowd chants, the jerseys, the dangerously large amount of alcohol consumption; it was all there.

It's weird to be an alumn now, watching the game on TV instead of being there, but the Penn State representation in NYC was awesome. Penn State won the game, and I ran into some random kids I knew back in my college days. It was a great time, and is highly recommended for any PSU Alumni. It's gonna be a fun season.

These parties are hosted by the New York City Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association, of which I have now been a member for 20 hours. Check them out here. (We get to meet Joe Pa in December)

Thank You...You're Welcome

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