My First Broadway Show

Tonight at work, my boss offered me two tickets to a Broadway show, as he could not attend at the last minute. I'd never been to a show in NYC before, so I snatched them up and headed to Jacobs Theatre with my friend Dave. What were we off to see? Martin Short's one man show; 'Fame Becomes Me'.

Neither Dave or I had much history with Martin Short. We, of course, both knew who he was (I mean, who could have missed Jungle 2 Jungle), but we just don't download him like we do Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chappelle. So we got to the theatre, and our seats were gre
at (orchestra seating if that means anything to you). We dived into our Playbills to find that the show was a musical. Hmm...a musical comedy, this should be interesting, and it was. The show was great, very entertaining and funny. Some of the jokes and celebrity references were lost on us (sorry, Martin, but we are not 1970s musical fanatics), but it was an enjoyable time. There was even a celebrity cameo by Harvey Fierstein (apparently somebody important in Broadway theatre, but I only know him as the gay guy in Mrs. Doubtfire). I give the show one thumb up with the other pointing at the guy next to you seeing what he thinks of the show.

One word of caution: This show has no intermission, so if you drink several beers before-hand, please be careful.

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