Health Plan of New York Lies to Your Face

I came across this ad on the NYC subway platform. The copy above the arrow reads:

"4 January, 11:09 a.m. Man loses his MetroCard here. City worker lends him the fare. A year later, they're married. Only in New York."

Now, I was skeptical to begin with. I mean, did the agency really track down a MTA love story and place this ad on the very spot where it occured? Perhaps, but unlikely. Then, I turn and see the same exact ad about 20 feet to the left. Same copy, everything. So either alot of city workers found love in the exact same ways at the exact same time on the exact same day all over the subway system, or HIP is telling lies, telling sweet little lies.

What is this ad even saying? Get our healthcare plan and you too can find love in the NYC sewer, I mean subway, system? Sorry, but I don't want anything from that system besides a dirty, filthy ride on a train built in 1972.

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