World Trade Center Movie Review

Tonight I saw the movie 'World Trade Center' in a New York City theater with a few friends. I was unsure about the film going in, but knew that I wanted to see it for myself and make my own opinions about it.

It was not your typical movie experience, obviously. Going in I knew what the movie was about, what would happen and the emotions that the film would draw from me; which is usually not the case when seeing a movie for the first time.

I felt the movie was done in good taste. They really focused on the story of the two PAPD members, and not the event itself. This was both good and bad. While it allowed us to get to know the characters and their personal story, I felt distanced from the event and it almost downsized the importance of that day.

I also wanted to see the movie in New York City, with a New York City audience surrounding me. During quiet parts of the film, weeping could be heard from the audience, which made me wonder what personal experience that person had with September 11th. There were a few lines that were meant to be funny, but there was little laughter from the audience. Laughing during 'World Trade Center' felt disrespectful to the event, even at something intended for humor.

What was most interesting to me was the feeling I got from the New York City photography in the film, the feeling that I was looking back to a distant New York, a lost New York. One that was more innocent, but we have since moved on from. It reminded me of what was lost that day, and how we may never get it back.

Bottom Line: I would say make your own decisions about this film. If you feel you want to see it, do so and come to your own conclusions. Too soon? Too much? Poor taste? You decide.

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