Chess Phenoms and War Protests

So living in the city with no job gets pretty boring, believe it or not. I spend time just wandering the city with my camera, hoping to stumble upon some interesting things. Today I roamed the streets of SOHO and the Village.

I started out around Houston and Broadway. I came across a few firetrucks and lots of firemen outside a building. There were lots of lights flashing, but the guys were just standing around, with no fire in sight.

Next I just wandered, ho
ping to maybe come across a celebrity or something. No such luck, but I did find this repetition visually interesting.

I next headed up to Washington Square Park. There seems to always be things going on there. In the park, there is an area for chess playing. Usually it's just random older guys playing each other and nobody really cares, but today there was a crowd around one game. It was a little kid, looked about five years old, playing a man who had to be around 50. The kid was doing well, and the game came down to only a few pieces left, but the man did end up winning. He gave the kid a rematch, however, which he said came only 'for smart playing'.

After the match, I headed to the other side of the park. There was a group of people standing around as hippies played drums and rattle shakers, screaming 'no war!'. They were right under the arc in the park, next to the street. Some cars passing b
y would honk, other people shouted dissapprovingly and gave the protesters the finger.

So my wandering paid off today with some good stories and a few good pics. Big bad interview tomorrow, gotta get prepared.

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