A few friends and I went to P.S.1 today. It was amazing and I recommend anyone interested in art, music, partying or hippies should check it out.

They serve beer there, but of course you can sneak in your own, as we
did. It's definitely the economical way to go. When you walk in, it is a huge dance party with literally hundreds of people. There is this crazy wading pool thing that everyone is dancing in and having a good time.

The art is inside the building, and is very comtemporary and modern. There is alot of video installations, which are weird, and alot of the art seems too out there, even to an art director. But it is definitely worth taking a look at.

The best advice I can give someone heading to P.S.1 is to get in lin
e for the bathroom at the first sign that you may have to go. The lines are rediculously long, but entertaining because of all the other drunk fools who are there. This sculpture is in the basement. It's a woman taking a piss, sort of reverse fountain. This sculpture moved us so that we had to urinate right then and there in the basement, along with a bunch of other line dodgers.

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