Sunday Stroll

With not much to do today, I went into the city and walked from Union Square up to Bryant Park and then around to 33rd St and Park Ave. It was sort of uneventful, but I did get a few good pics along the way. Enjoy.

Temperatures reached 93 today in the city, but somehow I stumbled upon these Christmas Carolers in a store window.

These ribbons were hung along a fence outside of a church. They are titled "Prayers for Peace". Each gold ribbon represents one service man or woman who lost their life in Iraq. Each blue ribbon represents one Iraqi who lost their life there during the war. Each green ribbon represents an individual prayer for peace.

This is a view of the Empire State Building from inside Madison Square Park. FYI, the park smelled like pee.

This is the reflection of buildings on windows of another building in Herald Square.

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