5 Essential Branding Lessons Anyone Can Learn From the Dallas Cowboys

This is a guest post from Anthony Jones.  Anthony is a contributor all over the web and for Sports Management Colleges, a site that helps students pursue a career in sports.

According to Forbes.com, the Dallas Cowboys are the fourth biggest sports brand in the world.  With the brand itself valued at over $200 million, the football team can teach anyone a lot about the practice of branding.  To help give you a better idea, we have collected just five lessons in branding from the Dallas Cowboys below.

1. Logo is everything - Did you know that the Dallas Cowboys have established themselves as "America's team?"  By utilizing the feeling that they play for the whole country, and not just their specific city or state, fans can relate to a football team that everyone can root for. 

2. Winning isn't everything - While they may be the best loved team in the NFL, they have not been the most winning.  In fact, the last time they won a Superbowl or appeared in one was in the 1996 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  While the Cowboys can make an appearance during the playoffs, they are often relegated to the Wild Card games, as in 1997, 1999, 2000, 2004, and 2007.

3. Records aren't everything - While the Cowboys have played in the NFL Superbowl eight separate times and have won five of them, they are not the record holder.  They come in tied with the San Francisco 49ers and second to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have won six Superbowls. 

4. Showcase what you do have - If there is ever a star on the Cowboys team, he is sure to be featured on the front page, multiple interviews, and even tons of endorsement teams.  The Dallas Cowboys know the value of having superstars on their team and how important being in and remaining in the spotlight is.

5. Numbers don't lie - With an estimated worth of $208 million, the Cowboys are worth $52 million more than their next competitor, the New England Patriots, and $128 million more than the average NFL team.

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