Everyone Hates the New Gap Logo

Gap unveiled a re-design of their 20-year old, beloved logo last week, and it was not well received.  The new Gap logo downsized the iconic blue square, updated the font and made it black. Upon the unveiling of the new logo, people sounded off on Twitter and Facebook with their disapproval.  Gap responded by rethinking the change and challenging it's loyal customers to propose other logo options.

Personally, I think they should have either stuck with the old logo or only tweaked it slightly with perhaps a new font.  The new logo they've created feels more like a financial logo to me, or something that belongs on a website, not on an iconic clothing tag.  Lesson to be learned: move cautiously when changing the logo of a worldwide brand... you may end up aliening your core customer.

1 comment:

  1. Really i expect that new type of logo.. But this is not bad..