Seinfeld / Gates Era Comes to an End

I am a huge Seinfeld fan. I still watch the show just about every day (ah, the joy of syndication) and have all the DVDs. But, when I saw Jerry Seinfeld walking through a parking lot with Bill Gates, I cringed. Aside from my passion for all things Mac, the recent Windows Vista ads featuring Seinfeld and Gates did little for me.

I'm not sure what it was about the ads. Maybe they seemed to be trying too hard to be different. Maybe I just didn't get why two billionaires would run into each other at a mall shoe store. Maybe I hated Bill Gates' odd dancing. Whatever it was, I wasn't alone. Many people disliked the spots, and voiced their opinions.

Today the ads have finished their run. Microsoft insists it was the plan all along to only show them for a short time and then cut 'em, but I'm not so sure. I mean, maybe Microsoft really did intend to pay Jerry $10 million for just two commercials... who am I to judge?

In any case, I'm sure Jerry isn't too torn up. He never really did like the computer anyways. It always just sat in the corner of his apartment, a clue that he was in fact living in the 90s, but didn't really know how to use it. In one episode he even says, "I've gotta get on that internet. I'm late on everything!" Indeed. Now go take your $10 million and buy a Mac.


  1. You could say that Microsoft donated the money to Jerry's Kids

  2. Hey, the new commercial is here. And, guess what, Bill is back in town: I'm a PC! New (clever) slogan for Microsoft campaign going to attack Apple is 'Windows, Not Walls.' Check this: http://reclamewereld.blog.nl/campagne/2008/09/19/eva-longoria-e.a.-opvolgers-gates-seinfeld-in-campagne-microsoft

    Michael in Amsterdam