Donnie Deutsch Tests His Cleavage Appeal

So, I'm sitting eating my Golden Crisp this morning, when a story about cleavage in the office comes on The Today Show. The segment was all about how appropriate/inappropriate it is for women to dress in the workplace and how that can affect how men perceive and treat them. I was intrigued already, but then they introduce Donnie Deutsch (CEO of the ad agency Deutsch and host of The Big Idea on CNBC) as a guest on the subject. Just from my prior knowledge of Donnie, I knew we were in for an entertaining segment.

Donnie didn't even seem to attempt to act as if he thought this subject was a valid one. He basically made a mockery of the whole thing, almost to the point where Meredith Vieira became visibly agitated. To cap it off, Donnie even unbuttoned his own shirt to see if it effected how the other women in the interview acted. No Donnie, I don't want to see your damn chest. I think we've all seen quite enough already. Most of us already know about the stigma of sexism and male dominance in advertising. Thanks for reinforcing that stereotype, Mr. Deutsch.

Click on the image above to watch the clip.

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  1. As a woman in Advertising, I can say Mr.Deutsch proved so much of what I've found to be true of males in the industry. His mocking of an issue that was clearly a concern/real topic to some women is completely notorious of males in advertising, and probably a lot of other industries where they tend to lead.

    Women's thoughts are often futile, over thought, too emotional, or stupid. And if you are a guy in the office and disagree with men like Donnie, he probably talks about how you're a pansy behind your back.

    All guys like Mr.Deutsch want is for women to shut up and agree with their pompous ass... because after all, he's won awards and shit. Women do hear what men say in the workplace. We hear what you talk about after you come out of meetings, and yes... you do talk about the cleavage, you talk about which new hire was hot, or which intern you should meet... all in disregard to the wife that you probably don't hang out with much.

    I've NEVER been a raging feminist, but if I spend many more years in an industry where a men openly encourage cleavage at the work place, I may become one. Women know men like boobs. But come on Deutsch... you could have acted a little interested in seeing a woman's point of view on the subject. Rolling your eyes? Sighing? How mature. Save your expertise on boobs for the weekends.

    I'm sure Meredith is sorry she asked... perhaps she over estimated you. I never really held an opinion about Mr. Deutsch in the past, but I'm pretty sure he's secured a fairly negative one for plenty of women for a while. Have fun at work!