Bright Lights of Hollywood in NYC

Washington Square Park is officially my best place in New York City for random things to happen. I saw some photo shoots there back in May, ran across Jon Stewart playing under a tree later in the summer, watched a child vs. man chess match and a war protest all in the same day, and now I have seen a crazy movie shoot. After an amazing dinner, I walked up towards the park and noticed it was very very bright. There were huge flood lights being held up about 300 feet above the ground. The cars parked on Washington Square North were all for the production and made to look battered and covered with dust. Thanks to the convenient 'No Parking for Production' signs lineing the street, I figured out the production was for something called "I Am Legend". After a quick IMDB search, I found out this is a movie, starring Will Smith. Read the plot outline, it sounds like a crazy flick.

Thanks Washington Square Park for once again bringing interesting excitement into my life. Keep it up,

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