Jon Stewart Sighting

Finally! My first big celebrity sighting of the summer. I saw Jon Stewart today in Washington Square Park. I was walking the village, doing some filming for a project at work. I walked onto one of the small lawns in the park, and right there sitting underneath a tree was Jon Stewart and his daughter. He looked up at me and then did a double take when he saw I had a video camera. I quickly put it away so that he didn't think I was paparazzi. I did get this picture, however. After a while they got up and moved into the playground area, that's when I got the second pic.

Sightings of last summer: Liev Schreiber at a bar in Alphabet City. Ally Hilfiger on the 6 train. Quddus at a club on the west side. Trey Anastasio outside of Central Park. Sorry, no pics.

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